Independent Living Units

Independent Living Units

There are 42 independent living units at the Lake Terrace site which are operated as a Retirement Village. Independent living units are designed for people who can live independently. Residents can access services from Boandik Community Care to support them to remain independent.

Independent living unit residents are an important part of the Boandik Lodge community and have access to the facilities and activities on offer. They also have direct access to residential care if this is required.

Mount Gambier

The ‘original’ style units are self-contained with the design varying between units. Each unit consists of a bedroom, lounge, kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

The recently constructed independent living units are open plan living with lounge, dining, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, garage under main roof, bathroom toilet and laundry facilities.

The Kentish Court units are 1 bedroom units with lounge, kitchen/dining and bathroom/laundry.

Sutton Court Port MacDonnell

There are 3 independent living units in the retirement village at Sutton Court in Port MacDonnell. The units are 2 bedroom, lounge/dining, kitchen, bathroom/laundry and garage.

Sutton Court - Fee Schedule (click here)

General Information

The furnishing of the units is the responsibility of the resident and may be furnished and decorated according to their own taste. Small pets are allowed.

A lifestyle officer visits unit residents regularly and arranges social outings including a monthly trip within the region. Residents are encouraged to arrange their own social gatherings and facilities will be made available to support these activities. Many residents take an active part in the volunteer service, which exists throughout Boandik Lodge.


If you are interested in applying for an independent living unit at Boandik Lodge your first step is to contact the residential services officer at the Lake Terrace site or complete the enquiry form on the website. Applicants are placed on a waiting list. Vacancies are offered based on the need of the individual and the suitability of the available accommodation.

Ingoing Payments

There are two distinct ingoing payments required for the independent living units.

‘Cottage style’ Units and Kentish Court

An ingoing premium is payable for this type of accommodation. The amount of the ingoing premium is detailed in the fee schedule. Amounts are retained from the premium for the first five years of occupancy, the amount of retentions is determined by the board. The balance of the premium is held in trust and is repayable to the resident.

Cottage Style Units - Fee Schedule (click here)

Resident Funded Units

The ingoing payment for a resident funded unit is based on the market price of the unit. The resident purchases a licence to occupy the unit. A departure fee is payable which is based on the market value of the unit when it is vacated. The departure fees for resident funded units are detailed in the fee schedule.

The Kentish Court units are rental units.

Resident Funded Units - Fee Schedule (click here)


Rents on the units are set by the board and adjusted at the 1st July each year. The intention is that fees charged should be adequate to cover the operating costs of the units.

Retirement Village Legislation

Under the terms of the South Australian Retirement Villages Act 1987 the independent living units at Boandik Lodge are regarded as a Retirement Village for the purposes of that Act. As required by that Act prospective residents of a Retirement Village must be provided with Form 1 of the Retirement Villages Act 1987, Form 2 of the Retirement Villages Act 1987 and a checklist for prospective residents. These are available as part of the Resident Agreements.

Prospective residents should ensure that they receive a copy of the appropriate agreement, and read it carefully. You should also obtain a copy of the latest annual report of Boandik Lodge Incorporated, which shows the financial situation of the organisation.